Instruments & Schools

Map of the Raspberry Shake Instruments operating across southwestern British Columbia and northwestern Washington State.

During the project’s pilot phase (2022–2023), we are building out a backbone network of Raspberry Shake instruments at a limited number of host Schools across greater Victoria. When the pilot comes to a close and the full program begins, we hope to expand to many more schools across southern Vancouver Island. Please see the Realtime Data Streams section below for the currently participating schools and other institutions.

Click here for a live version of the above map, provided by Raspberry Shake.

Realtime Data Streams

Belmont Secondary School (AM.R4014)

Mount Douglas Secondary School (AM.RAB72)

Glenlyon Norfolk School (AM.R0EBF)

Oak Bay High School (AM.RF5C1)

Edward Milne Community School (AM.RE0FF)

St John’s Academy Shawnigan Lake (AM.RD862)

St Michaels University School (AM.RF395)

North Saanich Middle School (AM.R01DF)

Claremont High School (AM.RF926)

Stelly’s Secondary School (AM.SD5F3)

Lansdowne Middle School (AM.R1B48)

Colquitz Middle School (AM.R4081)

Dominion Astrophysical Observatory (AM.R1473)

Hakai Institute, Downtown Victoria (AM.R42D0)